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At the light speed of  sound
I am flying home to you,
I hear  voices around
None of them are really true.
Here's the final  turn,
And I return,
I return to the ground
With the songs I've learned.

I am back to melody,
I am back to you,
It's the old reality,
But we are new!
The life is not a rhapsody,
It's long and hard,
But I am back to melody,
I am back into your heart.

All the voices around
I am keeping in my mind,
From these different sounds
I will make the song of mine.
New life begins,
If they let us in,
We shall heal our wounds,
And in the end we'll win!


Oh my friend, try to understand:
You must keep cool!
If you are not a fool, there is a rule:
Don't talk to your monkey on Sunday…-(6 times)

Six days a week, that's enough to speak,
Take my advice,  if you are wise,
It's a good device:
"Don't talk to your monkey on Sunday"

You ask me why  you have no reply,
But, as people say, there's no other way:
Wait another day,
But don't talk to your monkey on Sunday…


Dreams and reality,
Two different melodies,
Two opposite words;

Dreams and reality,
I'm looking for fidelity
In each of these worlds.

Sleeping in reality,
Living in a dream,
I'm thinking of eternity,
My sight is growing dim.

Let me know who I am ,where I go?
Am I sad , am I mad, am I dead?
Let me know!

Dreams and reality,
Take me to your Galaxy,
I'm waiting for your call;

Dreams and  reality,
People want variety:
For them it is all


Give me just an answer
You know it well enough
Do I have a chance?
Can I reach your love?

It is getting better
When I see a smile upon your face
Nothing really matters but your grace

You do me wrong, my task is tough
I pray, I hope, I long to reach your love

The rain is falling down
Scaring the doves
Love that we have found
Is coming from above

It suddenly appears
And suddenly may die
I hope all these fears pass me by


So welcome to this world the world of malls and dolls
Where everything is put up for sale
We always have to run in order to survive
And troubles dash at the tail

We have the rain we don't have sun
It's full of pain it lacks in fun

Living in this world we're getting mean and cold -it's a crime
Living in this world we're trading love for gold - it's a crime
Living in this world we're not the ones to claim-life's a crime

And every single day we have to fight and fight
Searching for a happy place
And only in a dream we hope for better life
And there's no way to give up the race

An empty mask makes up a smile
We have to put to face this trial


It's been snowing and snowing,
It's been snowing  day after day,
Sometimes the wind is blowing
Sweeping my years away.

Sometimes the sun looks out
And I see a smile upon your face,
But there is really no doubt:
Our  life is a short and cruel race.

When I am looking at the falling snow,
Eventually I understand:
Life must go on, but it is not a show,
Once started it shall come nearer the end.

It keeps snowing and snowing,
And time is running away;
I know it, yes I know it,
And all the rest is by the way.

I see sorrow in your eyes
Framed by thousands of snowflakes;
Life is a wonderful device,
Life is…a terrible mistake!


With the lapse of time
We’ve been getting wiser
We’ve been on the rise
With the lapse of time

We are in the prime
But are getting older
The world’s becoming colder
With the lapse of time

When the sun is shining
The rain can hardly fall
Those who keep on smiling
Never reach the wall
Life is not a crime
Love is not a sin
Those who keep on fighting
Have a chance to  win
With the lapse of time…

With the lapse of time
Secrets are coming out
Rivals cease their bout
With the lapse of time
If I find the rhyme
A magic song will sound
I hope things will come round
With the lapse of time


Never let someone break your heart again
Even in your dreams
Never let your heart make you feel the pain
Even if it just seems
Busy days change lonely nights
Nothing good to see
Never let your heart make you feel the pain
Let it never be…

Never let the rain spoil the sunny days
Time has made you strong
Never let someone take your love away
Life is not so long
Sunny days and busy nights
Help you to get free
Never let someone take your love away
Let it never be…        


If   you  call me I'll sing you a magic love song,
And listening to it you will really see,
I've loved you so long,
My  love is so strong,
This is the song for you and me.

If  you ask me I'll sing you  the Magic Love Song,
This sort of song you've  never heard,
And while my life goes on,
I'll never end  the song,
It is  the best  one in the world.

From time to time - and it is not a crime -
Some important things could go wrong,
To  make them go right,
Just call me that night,
And I'll sing you the Magic Love Song!

If you leave me I'll sing you the Magic Love Song,
You  will be back and make me feel all right,
So with my magic song
I'll never be alone
And even  darkness will grow bright!


People talking walking dreaming
People thinking drinking screaming
They spend their time with pleasure
They prefer only days of leisure

Only one thing I want to remind you
I am looking for you and I’ll   find you
If you are a bird I’ll learn to fly
If you are a doll I’ll pass you by

I’m running for my life but I am always late
I know I must try not to miss my fate
I’ m running for my life I am flying like a dove
I’m driving at your smile I hope to reach your love

Don’t you know some dolls are crying?
And the other dolls are smiling
They can’t feel they can’t dream they are dolls
And I am still waiting for your call

Only one thing I want to remind you
I am looking for you and I’ll find you
If you are a vision I’ll learn to draw
If you are still a doll just let me go


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