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Close your eyes, stop your tears
Yes i’m here but you can’t see me
Stop your talk for the years
Listen now how i howl and free me
If you walk the coals
And if you walk the ice
I will take you slowly
Back home to paradise
I’m lost in dreams i dread
You’re lost in tears you cry
My little witch i’m scared
Your tears burn my eyes
When noone can hide
And nothing to explain
Sing your song drink your wine
To love and pain
I’m down on my hands
I’m down on my knees
I ran a thousand lands
So help me please
I’m tired to be your slave
Tired to be your Past
So baby i just need your love
Help me at last
I am a Moondog
I’m scared I burn
I’m fryin’ you see
Howlin’ alone
For you and me
Cold silence child
Cold autumn mist
I’m gettin’ wild with no way to resist
All my paths
Are my own paths
All my dreams
Are my own dreams
And my dance
Is my own dance
Let this autumn die,
My wolverine...

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