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Mary Come Home

That night i saw the smile on your face
You said my life is a stupid disgrace
But i know you’re still alone
Mary come home
Days pass by with the sorrow and pain
Maybe soon you’ll forget my name
But i feel you can return
Mary come home
You gave me time to think of my own
You broke the chains and left me alone
Don’t be scared it’s just a life
Mary come home
You left me when the summer was hot
With no chance and the hole in my heart
But i feel you have no choice
Mary come home
I remember we were happy and young
I remember all the songs i have sung
I remember those days and i drink through the nights
I remember castles of sand
I remember snow in your hands
But that time is gone and you’re not by my side
Mary come home
Mary Mary i’ve been driving all night
Mary Mary pardon me i was blind
You can put a cross on my fading life
Mary Mary why my love is so cruel
Mary Mary why your patience is full
I’m in love with you but you’re not by my side
Mary come home
Flesh blood and rock’n’roll

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