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Angel Of This Night

 Private dancer
Of my nighttime
Take my wine
And drink for me
Give an answer
Why my lifeline
Ain’t so short
Like it could be
Show me rivers
Show me oceans
Show me lights
Of unseen towns
You’re so clever
I’m so lonely
In this nigh
That’s comin’ down
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Be forever by my side
And forget your little sins
Oh Oh Oh hey hey yeah
Be the angel of this night
Let this midnight take your wings
I’m a drifter
You’re the firefly
I’m water
You’re the wind
Listen baby
I’m crying
‘Cause my sadness
Dried my dreams
Wine and whiskey
Heart that’s broken
Take my soul
To unseen shores
Baby listen
I am walkin’
In the place
I didn’t know

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